WordPress Tutorial 1: Introduction

WordPress Tutorial 1: Introduction

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WordPress Tutorial 1: Introduction


  1. This is a great tutorial series I have seen the videos to meta data and its great. Thank you very much for this kind of tutorial

  2. Files are encrypted in when I extract the .zip file. How to decrypt them?

  3. How do you connect your web site name(URL) to word press? What is the .word press URL domain name that I use or download? Also are all the tabs with word press the same? For example just thin lines instead of big tabs you click on. I think the thin lines look cheap for going to each page.

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  5. Why doesn't my WordPress dashboard have on the left menu the options: Appearance, Plugins, and Settings?

  6. I'm looking for a web-based content management system that doesn't treat the contributors as second-class citizens. I want the contributor features to be styled just as well as the people viewing the content. This seems like a major drawback to all the CMS systems I've looked at. They are still mostly following the "old media" model. Doesn't that seam reasonable in an age where the sites are about the conversation?

    I want the "back-end" to be user friendly and in alignment with the design for the whole site. So I want the whole thing to be easily customizable..

    Anybody got any ideas about that?

  7. Great into by host will follow the tutorial… Keep up!!

  8. OMG IS IT BUCKY?!?!?!

  9. Thank you. The tutorial is clear and concise.

  10. Thank you so much for this beautiful course for free learn lot from your tutorial thanks again  +LearnWebCode

  11. El-Shaimaa Khairy Hamed

    Really helpful Thanks alot

  12. My first video. Thank you!!! I'm slowly adding this playlist to my 'watch later' list. Thanks for helping a 35 year old wife/mom understand the web site her 22 year old cousin is building her!

  13. Excellent, excellent, excellent!

  14. You are a good teacher. I would like to learn more about pages, I am a newbie at computers and am wanting to understand the basics. Thank You

  15. Great video dude, you rock!

  16. A great tutorial and so well presented. No clutter but a very pleasant background for your lectures. Thank you.

  17. Thank you very much from the bottom of my heart .. Your teaching skill is amazing

  18. Very well presented…simple and coherent. Thanks.

  19. Thank you!

  20. Im a WP developer and I love it!

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