WordPress Custom Loop WP_Query Tutorial

WordPress Custom Loop WP_Query Tutorial

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WordPress Custom Loop WP_Query Tutorial


  1. Good series. Thanks!

  2. This is exactly what I had wanted to know for a long time. Thanks you for your great video!

  3. Thanks Sir :)

  4. Bart Heimenberg

    AHA! :-)

  5. Hector Archundia

    wow this tutorial is awesome! you are ultra clear!


  7. Svetozar Avramovic

    Powerfull… _!,,!

  8. …..AHHAAA!!!

  9. Great tutorial.I like it.tks :*

  10. Great tutorial. By far one of the best WP I've encountered on YouTube.

  11. i like the way you teach.

  12. Thank you so much sir. Your vid lessons are the greatest videos here in youtube. God Bless you sir.

  13. Felipe Victoria

    extremely useful, thanks for the tutoria. I'm trying to create a list of a specific post category that shows the reatured image on hover, any sugestion of how can I begin?

  14. Extremely useful tutorial. Thanks.

  15. the_mindfuck();

  16. Celestail Petals

    Can you explain anything about Kirki wp customizer?

  17. Great tuts dude :) ! Would be great if you create one for HTML into WP from scratch? Subscribed,thanks !

  18. Silver Serpent5

    I'd like to run a loop that will show up on a newly created page called http://localhost:8888/carsite/funny-cars/  I'm guessing that "front-page.php" is not where the PHP is added.  Where would I add the code if I wanted to create a shortcode for that newly created page?   Thanks again for the crystal clear tutorial.

  19. thank brad really apreciate it dude 

  20. Prasad Chintala

    The way you are teaching is which is easy to understand, You r Super Bro,Thanq.

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