WordPress.com Menus Submenus, Pages, Post Categories

WordPress.com Menus Submenus, Pages, Post Categories

- in Wordpress Tutorial
WordPress.com Menus Submenus, Pages, Post Categories


  1. Thanks a tonne…..
    You are awesome

  2. Hi Deirdre!

    Thank you for the lovely tutorial, I've tried doing this, but it doesn't work for me?

  3. thanks for the great explanation

  4. Joseph Gonzalez

    Deidre! Thank you so much. I completely forgot how to set-up a navigation menu and you show us exactly what to do…Plus more.

  5. Marína Gajdošová

    This video was so helpful and responded all questions I had. Finally!!!! Thanks a lot.

  6. Thank you !

  7. Awesome thank you very much!!!!!

  8. Derriann Cornwall (DMCProductions)

    Thank you SOOO MUCH!

  9. Thank you very much for posting this! I have been trying to figure this out on my own for the past few days but I just stuck. This was very helpful and is now allowing me to continue building my site. :)

  10. Great video, exactly what I was looking for. Lets say I didn't want to put walking posts in the menu, but I just wanted when you click walking to go to the page and it would show the articles with the most recent at the top how would I do that? Would I still add it to a category?

  11. thxx dear its was really helpful me

  12. Thanks Deirdre – very very helpful.  Say Hi to Aidan MacIntyre

  13. Thank you. I´ve been looking days for this.

  14. Thanks for this helpful tutorial, I have a question about drop down menus…
    Let's say I want to post in walking or swimming menus how can I do that ?

  15. Mam..!! can you please tell me which theme you choosed for your site.? did you make it…. or it is available on the theme downloads

  16. Angela Litterio

    Hi Diedre, my author photo is not the correct proportion. This is only a problem when reading my posts. I have the 'about the author' area under the posts and this is where the picture looks compressed. On the site and in the about me page, the picture is fine. Could you please help? Thank you!

  17. Great tutorial. Thanks for sharing.

  18. This was great, thank you! I was looking for the sub menus and you gave great posts tips as well. Very helpful!

  19. Saving this URL to watch later

  20. Hi Deirdre, a very helpful tutorial. Just wondering how I can add old posts into menus and sub menus.

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