How to Make a CUSTOM Website and Blog with WordPress – BEGINNER Tutorial

How to Make a CUSTOM Website and Blog with WordPress – BEGINNER Tutorial

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How to Make a CUSTOM Website and Blog with WordPress – BEGINNER Tutorial


  1. Hello Josh, I love All your Video's and how you teach, you do a a great Job. I just have One Question? Is there any way to Change the Color of the Action buttons, to catch the buyer's eye?

  2. Good video Josh.    :-)

  3. wonderful video

  4. How would i add a colored stripe to the background? Is there a file I can modify or can I do this in the Admin controls?

  5. Hi Josh great tutorial I have learnt a lot. Question, how do I change the color of the previous & next post buttons on hover. I've tried everything but the default blue remains. Thank you.

  6. My congratulations! Parabéns!

  7. I am impressed with all the videos I have watched over the past several months. I have learned more about how to design a blog than in the past. I have a question about the free Virtue theme. How do I spread the top bar menu across the entire page? It currently only covers about 1/3 of the top bar.Thanks for your assistance.

  8. +Magda TS You are very welcome! I don't think you could easily do that without having knowledge of PHP code (as well as html and probably css) because you would probably have to rearrange some of the code to achieve that.

  9. narendra chowdary

    Thank you for videos this very helpful for me ….

  10. josh, thank you very much for taking the time and effort to teach. I have zero experiance, but I was able to bring my site live in one day. still have to populate the pages. your video was the very best I watched! keep up the excellent work!
    Leo – a really old guy.

  11. RoyaltyBeautiesHairstyles

    Hi ,First of all, thanks for everything.. But how do u update the theme? Do u have to uninstall it and reinstall it, or do u just click update?

  12. Hi Josh! Thank you for the wonderful tutorial. Is there a way to have the image slide show next to the logo on the right side of the logo (my logo is quite large) instead of the primary navigation bar?

  13. Thank you so much! I followed your steps to the letter and came up with a beautiful web site. Your instructions are very thorough and easy to comprehend, much appreciated.

  14. Hi is anyone saw a video on how to create a membership website + ecomerce

  15. simply awesome and very easy to understand, dealt nicely with steps,
    I will say "Thank you" from the bottom of my heart. Thank You.

  16. Worship The Coconut Tree

    Hey Josh, I'm following your awesome video to build some new websites for the first time ever. *Totally creative non techie brain here :-) Was wondering since I had already 'downloaded' the 'Virtue' Theme through and not the kadencethemes website to begin with'Before' finding y our video, will it make a huge difference in the CSS Class Box with Function in terms of my 'now' going to the website and choosing from their icons menu?
    Thank you-

  17. Hi Josh! I got a problem. everything was going fine until i came to installing Contact Form on my Blog. and when I clicked on the 'virtue pinnacle toolkit' as directed on the video, the installer popup box popped up and within a second went blank. I have tried a couple of times and the same thing is happening, so I am stuck. what should I do now? should I try installing contact form 7, and is it compatible with the virtue theme i am working on?

  18. Nadia Marroushi

    I love your tutorials (I followed Hueman Theme) and decided on changing my WP theme to Virtue for a slicker look, only half way through I noticed the text on my pages was not the full width as if there was an invisible side bar. I tried to see if I could adjust it in theme options (I don't code) but no success. I don't want sidebars is there a way to get round this without code knowledge? – Thank you again keep the tutorials coming :)

  19. Hi Josh. I just want to know if it is possible to reduce the width of the body to give more visibility to the background. can this be done with this virtue theme and how? Thanks

  20. this is a really fantastic video. I have learned a lot. I am sure I can now confidently have a website to be proud of. Thanks so much for your help. Please dont ever take this video down, just in case I may forget some sections I can always come back to this.

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