How To Install WordPress Theme

How To Install WordPress Theme

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How To Install WordPress Theme

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  1. I'm distracted by your ad banners which are on top of each other in such a way I can't click them off.  Is this intentional?

  2. Lise Jørgensen

    I can not get the add to go away in the top of the video because the photo of you is covering the x, its a little disturbing that I cant see the entire screen

  3. angelica laurençon

    Great tutorial: clear, intelligent wording, time savvy. thanks for sharing with the unknown WP users, sitting somewhere lost facing the tiny difficulties. 

  4. To use the site, do people have to go to mysite/wordpress?  I need to make an index page to get them into wordpress site?

  5. +Taylor Murdoch  you can only do that on ! I don't think you can upload a theme on the 

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  7. Hi Rick, love your videos, extremely helpful. A bit of advice please though for a beginner: I've just installed my premium WordPress theme and it's all fine. The only thing is the whole 'demo' site seems to have loaded onto my website backend – ie all the demo posts, menus and pages have appeared and my site looks like the demo site! Have I done something wrong in the upload or do I have to just go through and manually edit and delete the demo posts to get it how I want it? Excuse my ignorance!

  8. I can't find the upload part on the latest version. I'm guessing this is because you are premium? Thanks.

  9. Jeffrey Rickard

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  10. Hi, thank you for sharing with the community. I have a question. I downloaded a theme into me desktop but it is in 2 zip files, for the same wordpress theme. How do I upload these 2 in wordpress? Also, how do I know which files to upload. Thank you so very much in advance.

  11. Deirdre B Pride

    I bought a wordpress theme and installed the sample data. Then when I wanted my posts to show, they told me to restore the database When I do that, most of the sample data is lost. I have no idea what to do. Can offer any advice?

  12. Igor Chystokletov

    Thank you , that was helpful!

  13. I love you!!!! This video walked me though each step and saved me hours of fustration! Thank you!

  14. poor automattic lol

  15. Could you update this video as they have changed it

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  17. Thanks man!!! That was really helpful for the newbies…

  18. Thanks! 😀

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  20. Sandra Soloducha

    I've been struggling all day to install a theme I downloaded. It's now installed!!! I'm so happy. Thanks to you!

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