How to Create a Website & Blog with WordPress – Tutorial for Beginners 2014

How to Create a Website & Blog with WordPress – Tutorial for Beginners 2014

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How to Create a Website & Blog with WordPress – Tutorial for Beginners 2014


  1. kinneret margalit

    Need help, how do I create a bilingual website?

  2. kinneret margalit

    Hello, does anyone know how I add a language button??

  3. kinneret margalit

    Thank you so much!!!
    this was very helpful

  4. Ralph J. Franklin

    As an 87 year young dummy, wondering if I have the ability, know how, or guts to try and created a web site, your tutorial for beginners was absolutely first class. As a hard of hearing youngster, not one word, sigh, or "That's cool" was missed. Especially appreciated was the fact you did not assume I knew anything, which was true, but explained why you did this or that. I know that before attempting any start it would pay me to watch your tutorial again and thank you for making it.

  5. Great video!! Learned a lot.  Wonder how to add terms&condition, privacy on this theme.

  6. hi how to  add a few domains in one single world press  ?

  7. Amazing entirely complete video. Bravo!!! I'm building a site for my wife and this was perfect. I studied a little bit of WordPress at school but this is a welcome refresher and then some more!! Thanks!!!

  8. Let's Build WordPress

    Great video!

  9. Thanks so much it took me sometime to follow your instruction, but with you help I have now build a website just from stopping and learning . Great instructor .You need to change the part about Google maps, because they changed things in September 2013. Thanks again

  10. nice one!

  11. Operating System Mix

    this is crazy bro … I learned a lot from you in this video :P

  12. Great video just designed and modified my first WordPress site,thanks

  13. Hope Great return receive by Allah. for ur wonderful tutorial, hope I'm get advance from U.
    Dear sir I'm a new learner and learning make website. I am need to help HTML to WORDPRESS (so many code put when HTML to WORDPRESS make), where I'm found. PLEAS ADVICE  ………………………………………… 

  14. Great Tutorial 

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