How to Create a PREMIUM Website with WordPress – Elegant Themes!

How to Create a PREMIUM Website with WordPress – Elegant Themes!

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How to Create a PREMIUM Website with WordPress – Elegant Themes!


  1. Hey Josh… great videos … I love them all…. Is there a way to put a newsletter sign up box into Divi if I'm using Constant Contact?… Thanks… :)

  2. What kind of people dislike this tutorial? At least there are 14 idiots. Thanks many thanks…

  3. Great tutorial, very concise but a few brickwalls left standing around image display!

    The slider gallery clearly doesn't cater for vertical images at least not without chopping them up and enlarging them well beyond their native resolution. Or is it juist my install. Placing upright images centred within a black or white rectangular box (which could remain unseen) would be one solution but not offered here within the Divi theme. Have updated to latest version but yet to find solutions.

    The grid gallery thumbnails also crop vertical images randomly. No choice how these can appear. Landscape format again preferred over portait. I notice you are only using landscape format shots and made no mention of this restriction. The full width front slider also crops images in unexpected ways and there is no option for slider height adjustment without adding CSS code or buying a plugin.

    More a criticism of the Divi theme than your yourself you understand but these obstacles would have been useful to know about before committing to the Divi theme.

  4. Hi! I am following along with you and purchased the Divi theme. When I look for "download theme package", I see Divi 2.3 and Divi 2.5. So there is no box that allows me to save the file. It is zip file in my downloads.
    Then when in WP, I open Appearance and Themes but there is no NEW button. NOt sure what to do here. I don't think the file is activated. Thank you!

  5. Hi there,Currently my website is live and I wan to redevelop my website on temporary url and When it is build I will transfer website in my own URL. And I am going to buy premium theme and I will Build my website first on temporary URL. Is it possible to move all website with my premium theme temporary url to my own domain. Please help me. I am going to buy Divi theme and how to google analytics code, I have to put it in header section.

  6. Great info about Divi on this video. Thank you! I have been recommending this video to other people. I have one question. How do you get rid of the menu bar on a single page? I am trying to make something like a landing page with out a menu bar on it.

    Thanks again, John

  7. that css code is not working on update 2.5 version of divi

  8. Hi, Firstly this is a brilliant tutorial. I've got one issue – i've created a sub menu in the menus section but its not displaying on the home page. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks in advance

  9. Michael Richards

    I was trying to upload my own logo with text and I did it how you've done it in the video, but when I view the front of my website the text looks all pixely and I was wondering what i've done wrong. The version of divi is slightly newer and I don't know if the setting have changed on the newer version.

  10. Very good tut, thanks.

  11. I like your tutorials but really confused. Do I use a free theme like your Spacious video or this paid Divi one. What is the difference. I want to create a business one .

  12. +Magda TS Hey there, I'm not sure exactly what is going on but you could try using different image sizes to see if that makes a difference, you might also need to "close the gap" with some margin or padding CSS code. I would suggest contacting the Elegant Themes customer support team with a link to your site so they can take a look and offer suggestions.

  13. Very good tutorial!The best so far :)

  14. Dr. Linda Davis

    Disregard my comment below – it is back up. Thanks

  15. Dr. Linda Davis

    Video stopped working – was it my site?  or did you pull the video?  Thank you!

  16. Josh! Thank you for the amazing tutorial! Can you help me with one thing? I did the full with slider on the home page and uploaded images there. But there is a large black empty space between the bottom edge of the image and the footer menu. How can I stretch the image to cover the empty space? Many thanks in advance!

  17. Hi Sir! Just wanted to know if there's any free version of the DivI theme that I could use to make my website. It would be of great help if you could let me know!

    Thanks in Advance :)

  18. Albert Supheert

    Hello Josh,

    I updated the DIVI theme yesterday (2.4) and I was surprised to see that you can use the builder also with posts nowm



  19. Ernest Robinson

    How do I add a "search box" using divi theme to my wordpress website?

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