Customize Vantage WordPress Theme

Customize Vantage WordPress Theme

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Customize Vantage WordPress Theme


  1. Greg Narayan All the changes are made in PARENT theme, so if there is an UPDATE of the theme, all the changes will be lost, cuz there is no CHILD theme. What will happen if Child theme is made after all changes (copy css style file) and than update the parent theme?

  2. great tutorial and i have a question, i clicked on add product and when i was finished and saved it. it never showed up on the website under the product page. can you please help me out thanks

  3. I DONT HAVE THE option theme setings why

  4. Hi ,
    I was fallowing along with your tutorial and right off the start I wasnt seeing the same page as you have here (with Vantage Theme). It seems as though since my upgrade the page builder (Site Origin 2.2) may no longer be friendly with WordPress 4.3.1 because none of the items (rows or widgets) appears on my site after I save the changes. I do have the "Customize Home Page" Option selected "On" but none of this data appears on my webpage. Everything placed in page builder (under "Appearance" and "Home Page" is non existent on my site. Any thoughts? I have also deactivated and reactivated each individual plugin to test if any were causing a problem but none seem to make any difference. ..?

  5. Very informative tutorial.  How would you install a small image (not a background image) with a link in the header (masthead) centered between logo which is on the left and the text that is on the right?  Thanks.

  6. Hi greg.. I installed the vantage theme on wordpress as per your tutorial. Unchecked the search as suggested, the whole slider has shifted to 75%of the page, and also the theme settings nothing is been checked… i clicked on several times and saved but checkboxed a re not showing up.. what would be the problem.. please let me know… thanks glen…

  7. Hey Greg, which section in the editor will allow me to change the Vantage theme background?

  8. I have Vantage with a login widget at the top of the page. I switched masthead but users cannot login. Can you get a widget login inside the menu?

  9. Greg I installed the ecommerce but how do customers log in to the shop?

  10. Greg, I want to thank you for your excellent tutorials on Vantage. I decided to run with it, 2 sites rolling. Just came over from the html side :) I have a quick question about managing the sidebar, specifically adjusting the width, dividing the field. Please send me your email and I'll explain further, give you the link to my site. Thanks so much for your effort and expertise.

  11. +Greg Narayan thanks for this amazing upload. it has really helped me alot. i am new to this and do not have any experience with coding. i have just created my first website.
    i need some help regarding a few things.
    1) how do i add a background image to the full screen? if there is an easy way to do it without coding, then it would be great. or even the other method works for me.
    2) how do i change the header and footer color and decrease the size of the white gap on top?
    3) the customize tab gives me only 4 options:site title, navigation, widget and static front page. How to get footer/header customization options etc.
    4) on the home page, i added a visual editor and i am trying to add an image which extends to the full width of the page. i also changed the layout settings but it didn't work. i also tried siteorigin image widget but that didn't work either.

    could you please help me???
    i looked up on google and all the places but it isn't of a lot of help. please help.
    thanks alot.

  12. Greg, I did how you told me, but it's still everything the same how it was. Maybe I'm somewhere made a mistake? Thanks

  13. Hi Greg. You really helped me download and create a beautiful page, but one problem, when I load property, the containers are very long. Please tell me, how can they be shortened. I am very grateful for your help.
    kind regards

  14. Hi Greg,
    I just want to Thank You for making your videos. They are very informative. I want to promote various products as an Affiliate Marketer. I do not want to actually sell the product it self, but I'm very interested in promoting them on my Vantage theme. Can I use WooCommerce to accomplish that and how do I set that up? 

  15. Hello,
    I was wondering how to add various Affiliate Product Promotions with their links to my Vantage theme. Example like Clickbank or other company products ads with their links and have it look good on my Vantage theme. Oh, one last thing, is there any Inexpensive and Easy To Use Drag and Drop website building software that I can use to help make changes to my Vantage theme to keep it Responsive along with my WordPress. Thank You in advance for any help. 

  16. Hey Greg, I hope you don't mind being my vantage go to guy.  Let me know if I am too much because I am eager to have vantage running as smoothly as I can for anyone who wishes to visit my blog.  Someone pasted my URL from my blog to twitter to share my doc (massive compliments in that action) but advised me to add a twitter handle to my tweet button.  I down loaded the 25 social icons plug in and thought I have become very gifted by your tutorials and then – I get the twitter advise and I come running to you for guidance.

  17. Hey Greg, I did watch your first Vantage video and it was a god send.  You did talk about moving the screen around to see what it looked like on other devices.  But can I please cross check.  Is Vantage mobile responsive?  And not sure if it is on this video as I am only half way through, but social media icons, I have found some of the widgets but doubt that I have them correct so that others can share my work on other social media.  Can you send me to a particular video for this info?

  18. getAhead a division of CDISA

    Thank you Greg! Much appreciated

  19. Waheedullah Wahidi

    hello sir! i have a problem i want my sidebar on left of my site how can i change that from right to left?

  20. Thank you for all the helpful videos. How can I change the colors of the theme? Is there a tutorial? Do I have to change the code somewhere? Thanks.

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