Beginners WordPress Tutorial | How to Create a Website with WordPress | Step-by-Step Video Tutorial

Beginners WordPress Tutorial | How to Create a Website with WordPress | Step-by-Step Video Tutorial

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Beginners WordPress Tutorial | How to Create a Website with WordPress | Step-by-Step Video Tutorial


  1. Great !!!

  2. Hi, friend Mike, i write just to thank you for your help.

  3. Thanks so much Mike for your videos, I'm so grateful to have people like you in the world! Trying to follow your process, I have a question, how come I don't see Header under Appearance anymore I thought I have used it before…frustrated.

  4. I'm also an animal lover, horses and cats here.  Somehow they find you. They didn't understand/appreciate my focus the last few days. Do you think it's wise to go on to the 2014 video I've now bookmarked, and then onto your 2014-2015 when available? Do they all add new plugins? What a treat!

  5. Mike, I don't show percentages when resizing pictures. And when I added editing features they didn't all show up with picture icons. They're there, but I have to hover over them to find them. Oh, and thank you SO much.  You make this procedure comfy on a cold winter's day such as this. Also, I have the most updated versions of all the applications. For nextgen, I don't get no shortcode to insert. I think I figured it out going to the web site. Also, I couldn't seem to "untile" my background at the beginning. Ended with Word Fence so will go back to check it out. I subscribed. Looks like there is something for beginners for 2014? Will check it out. You are THE best!

  6. Thank you Mike, i subscribed your video
    i m impressed, i am beginner so it will helps me to enhance my skill.
    please keep loading such beautifull video

  7. Hi Sheri…you are talking about using a slider for your images? There are many slider plugins, tho some may not be updated like you said. Often times, even tho it may say it's only compatible to say 3.6.1, it will still work in the next version……

    You can email me at, and I'll try to help you out :)

  8. Thanks Morten, have a great one too! :)

  9. morten kristensen

    what is the website that you go on to make the website and i will subscribe to your channel and you subscribe to my channel and thanks for the help have nice weekend and a good day

  10. Mike, Great video, thank you! Am new to this…do you have advice (or video) on how to put revolving images on the Home screen in WP 3.7.0.? The Eclipse theme has the charcoal gray background wanted to showcase paintings, but I don't know how to get the images on. Finding that plugins are not compatible with WP 3.7.0.? Appreciate any help.

  11. Hi Zane. Thank you for your kind words, very much appreciated!…and I'm glad it is helping you make the process simple. :)

  12. Hi Mike. Just watched your wordpress video for beginners. Everything is so comprehensively covered and explained. Thanks for making it so easy.

  13. Great Linnea, glad you got it going! Let me know if you have any more questions. :)

  14. Did as you said, set them to default and that did the trick! Thanks!

  15. Hi Linnea, thanks!

    Hmm, it sounds like it's your permalinks settings….go to settings–permalinks and adjust those. It could be the problem. Email me at mike@wphow2s dot com with your website url if that doesn't help.

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