Advanced Tiered Link Building Tutorial Part 3 – Building Tier 1

Advanced Tiered Link Building Tutorial Part 3 – Building Tier 1

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Advanced Tiered Link Building Tutorial Part 3 – Building Tier 1


  1. The Maschine Geek

    How often do you do this? How long before you will see results?

  2. Dear Matthew,

    Nice video's! Verry usefull and a clear way of understanding. However, are your bookmarks and directories etc. usefull for me? I ask this because I have to linkbuild for Dutch websites. What is the strategy in that case? Should I only pitch for dutch portals etc. for Tier 1 and overall by Tier 2 and 3?

    I am realy looking forward for an answer!

  3. Thank you entirely!

  4. Thank you so much!

  5. i am your fan man love you :) (Y)

  6. Which version of mozila did you use for this tutorial?

  7. Sarah Beresford

    Love your videos, but PLEASE get a quieter mouse! 😀

  8. Great video! Im from argentina, and most of my blogs and webs are in spanish.
    The ultimate demon have the choice when you search for categories on bookmarks,etc to search for the spanish lenguage market or all the webs are in english?
    And in case of not, are the english ones right to rank sites in spanish?
    Thanks!! And sorry for my bad english!

  9. Matthew Woodward

    Because what im actually doing with the image code is moving all of the different elements around at random as well.

    So sometimes it will be like SRC, ALT, ALIGN, BORDER then other times it will be ALIGN, ALT, SRC, BORDER and others it might only be SRC, ALIGN etc

    keeps the html random ^^

  10. Matthew Woodward

    It can also all be done by hand/manually -jesper on my forums did exactly that which then allowed him to buy the tools

  11. Matthew Woodward

    5 years ago it was possible to start a business for that kind of money…

  12. He doesn't expect you to do anything, it's your call what you do, he provided you with a valid strategy, how you use it and if you do, it's your call.

  13. Matthew Woodward

    Yes you can enter any text you want

  14. Hello, I had a question about The Best Spinner. Can I spin articles that are written in French language? If not, then how can I spin french articles ?

  15. Matthew Woodward

    Cheers Chris – they are with Adobe After Effects

  16. Matthew, nice video I like your excel tricks… how do you do those fly in titles that look so professional?

  17. Matthew Woodward

    Thats very kind of you thanks

  18. Great stuff Matthew. I'll be buying Ultimate Demon through your links. Thanks for the best backlinking tutorial on the web !
    Cheers, Pete.

  19. Matthew Woodward

    No, you could check out my licorne tutorial which is much cheaper and does the same thing. Or you can do it all by hand which Jespana from my forums did

  20. I don't have the money for ultimate demon. Am I screwed without it?

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